More About Laurmé

The Journey

After my sister's diagnosis with cancer, and once I really evaluated my own routine and skin challenges, my thought process around skin care began to change, and I inevitably began to desire something different. So, instead of searching for the perfect product for my own personal benefit, and convinced women needed and deserved something more than generic skin care sold to the masses, my determination turned toward the development of a product line that would benefit women like my sister, me, and so many others.

 It had to be gentle, yet effective. Results-driven, but simplified.

It became my mission to solve what they seemingly couldn’t.

I threw myself into studying and researching the physiology of skin, how it behaves, and what it needs to be its best. In the process of sorting through fact and fiction, hype and marketing, I worked with formulators to identify ingredients proven to work. Blending the best of Mother Nature with scientific cutting-edge research, Laurmé’s custom collections were created, offering effective, simplified skin care for anti-aging and sensitive skin concerns.

Powerfully. Effortlessly.

Laurme The Journey


Laurmé Skin Care is inspired by two of the strongest and most courageous women I know.

My mom's influence as a true role model and my sister’s bravery – coupled with my mission – drove me to develop the collections that now make up Laurmé’s anti-aging and sensitive skin products. My mom, Laura, an independent spirit and my greatest inspiration (including naming Laurmé after her), went from homemaker with no job experience to bookkeeper in order to support four young kids on a single-family income. She taught me determination, strength and persevering when giving up is not an option. Without her I could never have taken on this role as entrepreneur.

My sister is my best friend. When she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, heartbeats throughout our family came to a collective standstill.

Standing by watching helplessly as she endured chemotherapy, radiation, and a dozen surgeries, her courage and bravery were the driving force behind creating Laurmé.

My greatest desire was to create a sensitive skin care line that was gentle and effective and provided the results she craved. To that end, I feel fortunate to be doing something that means so much and is making a difference along the way.

The Inspiration


A portion of all Laurmé proceeds benefits City of Hope, a cancer research center and hospital located in southern California.

Their Mission:
“At City of Hope, we treat you as an individual whose life will be made whole again. We combine science with soul to work miracles.”
And indeed they do.

This incredible medical facility is made up of world-renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers all with one goal – to cure cancer. The doctors and staff are an amazing combination of medical expertise combined with compassion. I have walked the halls at City of Hope dozens of times with a family member, and nowhere have I felt such a genuine caring and concern for a patient’s well-being - and for those who love and care for them. People come from all over the country for the excellent care they receive here. Your purchases help support the services provided at City of Hope as well as their cutting-edge scientific research.

To put an end to cancer requires cutting-edge research, and City of Hope is at the forefront.

The first thing you see on the wall as you enter the main building of City of Hope’s medical campus is a plaque with the words below. It touches my heart and soul every time I see it.
"There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul." ~ Samuel Golter, City of Hope Founder

Laurmé Philanthropy

The picture above shows messages of hope and inspiration that hang from wish trees in Graff Center at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. As described on City of Hope’s website, “City of Hope's wish trees offer messages of health and hope to patients and their families. The making of such messages are adapted from a Japanese tradition in which people tie wishes on trees. Those wishes are "rewished" each time someone else reads them.”

It is a beautiful setting for quiet thought and a gentle reminder that those who battle cancer are not alone. You can read more about the wish trees and City of Hope’s research advancements on their Breakthroughs blog post.